Strategic Planning

Unimax Group’s keys to long-term success are to improve financials, operational performance, and industry positioning. Everything must be done to avoid over-leverage, falling demand, price increases, and etcetera that stagnate the bottom line. Traditional thinking does not work any longer in today’s dynamic markets. Unimax Group’s progressive thinking can effectively tackle these new economic constraints and difficulties to achieve long-term growth in your industry.

Client Relations

Innovation that increases sales and profits sparks client trust and loyalty. Business is earned by achieving results.

Construction Services

The past several years have been challenging to even the most acumen real estate investor or developer, however, economic indicators show that today’s economy is bottoming out and higher profits are likely. Unimax Group has 20 years of construction knowledge and real estate expertise to realize those profits. Today is a serious time to reconsider real estate and construction as another viable investment alternative.

Risk Management

‘Reduction’ is the operative word; throughout the entire enterprise there should be risk reductions and the introduction of counter-measures to risk. Common risks include legal, financial crimes, contracts, technology, capital management, regulations, social and political impacts, and global trends, etcetera.


Whether it includes domestic or international, meet financial targets and improvements in cost and risk reduction, revenue optimization and value across the company.


Unimax Group has a mix of 20 years of indirect and direct (ownership) restaurant level experience to guide any investor or restaurateur to business success.